Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage

No article The a Set expressions
Months, days May is a spring month. We’ll always remember the May of 1945. A cold May is a usual thing in St.Petersburg.
Seasons I like winter. It was early spring. It happened in the spring of 1930. It was a beautiful spring Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage.
Day, night, morning, evening, afternoon Day is meant for work, night for sleep. The night was warm and beautiful. I spent a sleepless night. By day/ by night; At night/ at dawn/ daybreak/ sunrise/ sunset/ noon/ night; From morning till night; In the morning/ evening/afternoon;
Languages She knows English well. The Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage English of America differs from the English of Great Britain. What is the English for …?
Meals (lunch/dinner/ tea) Did you have dinner? The dinner we had today was very tasty. After a heavy breakfast we started for … To have breakfast/dinner/ supper

No article According to the Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage rule
School/ college/ university To be at school/college/university To go to school/college/university To leave school/college To go to the school To leave the school (the building is meant )
Church In church/ at church The church was built in … There is a church Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage in the city.
Prison/ jail To be in prison To be sent to prison To be put in prison Ken went to the prison to visit his brother.
Bed To go to bed/ to be in bed/ to stay in bed/ Her portrait was on the wall beside the bed Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage. There is a bed…
Work To go to work/ to be at work/ to start work I like the work I’m doing.
Home To go home/ to come home/ to be at home/ to stay at home/ to feel at home An orphans home/ a nursing home/ a maternity Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage home
Town To town/ in town I was to go to the town I was born in.
Hospital To go to hospital/ to be in hospital When Ann was ill we went to the hospital to visit her.

Read a picture story. Explain the usage of the Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage articles.

1. It happened in a small town in Siberia. .

2. I watched acar as it came up our road. The car stopped outside our house and a man got out. The man

3. He was a doctor.

4. A child can understand it.

5. He had hardly spoken a wordas we left the house.

6. He said: ‘I’ll be back in a Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage minute. My car makes 120 km an hour. I need some books. I go to the library twice a week.

7. What a clever man!

8. My friend, a history teacher, knows a lot but he doesn’t visit the library so often.

9. He is such aclever man.

10. He knows everything about measles, mumps, shingles, blood Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage pressure, flu, gout, hepatitis.

1. How did you like the play?

2. Shakespeare is the author that wrote the play.

Tell me about the actors that took part in it, please!

3. The play looked sad. The bride was too old and the bridegroom was too young.

4. It was out-of-door theatre. The sun was getting Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage warmer while we were watching the play.

5. The tragedy and the comedy appeared in Greece, you know.

6. But that was the best play I have ever watched in this country.

It was the very play I dreamed about since my childhood.

We sat in the first row.

7. Both the rich and the poor admired this Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage play.

8. Even the president of Germany was there.

9. He lives in the country at the seaside near the mountains, in the city with the cinema, the theater, the radio, the police, the fire brigade, the army, the post office, the bank, the doctor and the dentist whom he visits at Some Peculiarities of the Article Usage the weekend.

10. He perfectly plays the trumpet.

11. And he loves to visit the restaurants of the Russians, the Japanese, the Italian, the Danes, etc. but he is an American.